OJAI, administrative heritage and self-inventory desk (2017), image courtesy of Laura Mars Gallery

OJAI ‐ Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence
Fruit Solutions

Opening reception: Friday, February 10, 2017, at 7 p.m.
with a performance and tape release by Dexia Defunct at 9 p.m.
Open to the public: 11. February ‐ 26. March 2017

Bingo: Sunday, March 26, 2017, at 5 p.m.
Architectural concept provided by ScAle Architects

Bülowstraße 52
10783 Berlin
Opening hours: Wed ‐ Fri 1 – 7 p.m. / Sat 1 – 5 p.m.

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence



OJAI, office installation (2016), image courtesy of Grölle pass:projects

OJAI, annual report (2016), rizograph edition of 60, image courtesy of Grölle pass:projects



22.10.2016 - 25.01.2017

LOW HANGING FRUIT is the first exhibition by the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly). The exhibition explores bureaucratic and administrative strategies as modes of cultural production. Results and analyse from the recent OJAI policy and instincts opinion poll will be presented as well as plans for a world head-quarters designed by ScAle Architects (Benedetta Alessi and Maurizio Scalera). The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence will present the organisations first annual general report as well as a critical text by Julia Zinnbauer. There will be noise performance by Dexia Defunct (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) in collaboration with Frank Lohmeyer.




Gary Farrelly, typing on paper, posted in Berlin street/ object presumed destroyed (2016)


An exhibition with
Matias Bechtold, Chris Dreier, Gary Farrelly, Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert,
Dirk Krecker and Christine Weber
Galerie Lisi Haemmerle (Bregenz) in cooperation with Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin)

More sceptical is the work of Gary Farrelly and Dirk Krecker who interrogate the aesthetics of modernity: Farrelly subverts the representation of modernist buildings by hand-embroidering them with delicate patterns while Krecker has punched holes into white sheets of paper with a typewriter. The results of these seemingly strenuous activities are fragile textures reminiscent of complex urban structures and at the same time of digital information overload.        
                                                                                                             (Der Standard 13/08/2016)
Galerie Lisi Hämmerle

Anton-Schneider-Strasse 4a

A - 6900 Bregenz

Tel./Fax: +43 (0) 5574 52452 Mobile: +43 (0) 664 52 88 239

Opening times Wednesday–Friday 3–7 pm, Saturday from 4–7 pm and by appointment


OneOnOne, Brussels

foreground: David Lunney, background: Gary Farrelly; image courtesy of Ella de Burca.

Gary Farrelly, college wrestlers (2016), embroidery on found image.

Stefan Banz, Ella de Burca, Gary Farrelly, David Lunney, Léa Mayer and Pope L will will square up to the theme of boxing, not to splay it lifelessly across a canvas but to vigorously recatalise the pugilistic narrative. The artist will become boxer and questions of body, ego, society, medium and representation will be brought into focus with adrenal clarity amid a series of fractious blows. The exhibition is the curatorial initiative of Anthony Colclough. 

Opening night wil feature: Professor Vanreusel of KU Leuven, brief academic discussion, 'Boxing, art and poetry'. Barbara Pereyra and Billie Hanne dance performance.

25 May at 18:00–22:00
Exhibition closes 10 June

Clovis XV, Boulevard Clovis, 15, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.



foreground: Gary Farrelly, administrative building (2016) courtesy of Julia Zinnebauer.

Gary Farrelly, 3rd generation quasi-autonomous stitch on medical facility (2016).

30. 4. – 4. 6. 2016

Opening on Sat, 30th of April 2016 at 7 pm
An exhibition about the efficacy of postwar modernist architecture on contemporary art with works by Matias Bechtold, Laure catugier, Chris Dreier, EVOL, Gary Farrelly, Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert, Carsten Nicolai, Tim Trantenroth und Julia Zinnbauer, curated by Alekos Hofstetter.

galerie weisser elefant
Auguststraße 21 10117 Berlin
Di – Fr 11 – 19 Uhr Sa 13 – 19 Uhr 

exihibition documentation at scissorella




Image: Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016)
Our second performance as Dexia Defunct takes place at Bei Ruth bar in Neukölln on March 25th. The latest installment of the DD collaboration is a soundscape made up of office machinery, administrative processes and transport infrastructure. The recordings are combined with spoken word content: collaboratively researched financial data, self-hypnosis and language tutorial. The performance is taking place as part of:

„Ich hoere dauernd Huehner“ – Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson + Feedbackorchester + Dexia Defunct + Flamingo Creatures + DJs Plattentektonik. Curated by Ansgar Wilken.

Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016): Gary Farrelly (left) and Chris Dreier (right). Image Ann Christine Freuwoerth

Dexia Defunct had it's inaugural concert Musique Concrete for the age of communication and control at the Bokal Royale in Brussels last June.  Dexia Defunct is a part of the OJAI Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence, a research collaboration focused on economic modeling, post-war architecture and personal inventory systems. OJAI activity manifests in co-authored bureaucracy, sound performance, mail-art and photography.



Gary Farrelly, PROGRESS ORIENTATED 1/10 (2016), typed list, Galerie Grölle.

Brutalismus und die Architektur der Nachkriegsmoderne

>> Heimatplan <<

23.01.2016 bis 17.03.2016

The exhibition has its origin in the 100th birthday of Paul Schneider von Esleben in 2015, the architect who designed the building of the Stadtsparkasse Bank in Wuppertal. From January 23rd to March 17th 2016- the artists of the “Heimatplan” project deal with the spirit of modernism; The exhibition can be seen at GRÖLLE pass:projects gallery in Wuppertal.

Gruppenausstellung / Groupshow

Matias Bechtold, Berlin
Chris Dreier, Berlin
Bert Didillon, Köln

Gary Farrelly, Brüssel
Lothar Götz , London
Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert (Tannhäuser Tor), Berlin
Pablo de Lillo, Oviedo/Gijon
Julia Zinnbauer, Düsseldorf


Die Ausstellung ist bis zum 17.03.2016 bei GRÖLLE pass:projects,
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 143e in Wuppertal zu sehen.

Informationen zur Ausstellung



Chris Dreier, OJAI Head Quarters (2016), collage on paper, OJAI archives, Berlin.

Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly, commemorative trays(2016), collage on canteen tray, goods in transit.

Gary Farrely and Chris Dreier have officially launched a new research and co-production initiative- the Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI). The objectives of the combined effort are original research focused on economic modeling, post-war architecture and personal inventory systems. The new entity manifests in co-authored bureaucracy, performance, mail-art and photography.  The first OJAI summit was held in Berlin earlier this month and was commemorated with a limited edition of hand-fabricated decorative trays. To celebrate the successful conclusion of the summit the trays were generously dispatched as mail-art to the  Museum of  Contemporary Art in Detroit and the National Center for Contemporary Art in  Ekaterinburg, Russia. The remaining examplaire has been retained in the OJAI archive and will be part of an OJAI exhibition at Grölle Pass Projects in Wuppertal this coming autumn. 



image courtesy of Kitty Kamp
Gary Farrelly, consolidated exercise 1 (2015), 29 x 35 inches.

Policy Documents is Gary Farrelly’s first solo exhibition in New York. Research material comprised of typed lists, diagrams and self-generated flotsam institute an atmosphere of bureaucracy and office. Self-representation through administrative systems is the central proposition. Materials employed include: carbon paper, spray paint, stencils, a typewriter and office stationary. The curator is Suzi Teo.

Museum Quality is a minuscule space, in the setting of a mall, hidden behind a taxicab dispatcher. It is an unlikely venue for showcasing conceptual art and design. In marked contrast to the cookie-cutter white cubes, Museum Quality is an attempt to design a forum that harkens back to ad hoc artist run spaces, with minimal red tape; an experimental lab to redefine the language of institution and space.

Gary Farrelly
Policy Documents

On view Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2015

Museum Quality
59 Pearl Street 
Brooklyn, New York 11201 



Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly, AAA rated recording, limited edition hand made cassette, White Trash Gallery, Illinois.

A specially recorded noise composition by Dexia Defunct (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) will be broadcast in the small rural city of LaSalle, Illinois. The public broadcast is the headline event of a spoken word/ noise art exhibition happening at White Trash Gallery. The composition is made up of recordings of domestic and office machinery as well as sounds of transport infrastructure, toy weapons and site-specific distortion loops. The piece also features an information-heavy voiceover. Limited edition/ stamped and approved cassettes have been dispatched from Brussels (via Berlin) to LaSalle and will be on display and available for purchase.


RECHERCHES 15, Tournai

Gary Farrelly,  Dublin Airport (2015), embroidery on postcard.

TAMAT - Le Centre d'art contemporain du textile de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles présente « Recherches 15 ». L'exposition et publication sont les fruits des expérimentations textiles des boursiers fréquentant les ateliers de Recherches et d'Expérimentations pendant une année. 

TAMAT - The Center for contemporary textile art of Brussels and Wallonia presents « Recherches 15 ». The exhibition and publication are the culmination of  research carried out by the museum's eight artist's in residence.  

The objective of my research at TAMAT was the invention an entirely original stitch. In the museum library there is a record of all the embroidery stitches ever recorded in Belgium: the gypysy stitch, spinster stitch, oyster stitch, butterfly stitch etc- it's a very long list.  I wanted to generate a stitch and get it registered in the records. It was important that  my stitch represent my values and world view. The end result is the ‘quasi-autonomous stitch’.

Gary Farrelly
Claire Williams
Caroline Fainke
Adam Weiner
Maximilien Ramoul
Clara Montoya
Sophie Duquesne
Vincent Sainlez

Vernissage le 02.10.15 de 18h à 21h
Visite guidée gratuite le dimanche 04 octobre à 14h30

9 Place Reine-Astrid BE7500 Tournai Belgique - Tél +32(0)69 23 42 85 - info@tamat.be


DEXIA DEFUNCT, Berlin/ Brussels

Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier during the inaugural Dexia Defunct performance in Brussels. Photo by  Julia Zinnbauer.

Musique Concrète for the age of communication and control
Recorded sounds and noises, a modular machine and a technocratic voice form the Dexia Defunct experience. Founded this year by artists Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly as part of a new collaboration including mail art, photography and lists. Dexia Defunct had it's first concert with Burqamachines at Bokal Royal in Brussels this June.  www.soundcloud.com/dexia-defunct.



Gary Farrelly, correspondence art installation,(2015), Grölle Pass Projects


>>GLUE <<

24.01.2015 - 15.03.2015

Two qualities unite the work. The first is a manual fixation; a polymorphic perversity. Both artists indulge in a pleasure in making, and in machines of production. This is tempered with a tendency towards humour, both linguistic and visual – of labour and of taste. There is an atmosphere of crap glamour and DIY decadence: an unpacking of taste and its tyranny.

Zeichnungen : Bilder : Objekte : Video

Mittwoch bis Freitag
16.00 – 19.00 Uhr
11.00 – 14.30 Uhr


ON PAPER, Dallas

Gary Farrelly, YES YES YES (2014), A1 format, collage on corrugated cardboard, private collection, England. 

New works on paper produced in Brussels will be shown along-side works by esteemed colleagues Joshua Goode, Antonine Gougeau, Timothy Harding, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Sam Schonzeit, and Brian Scott.

November 21 - January 31, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION Friday, November 21, 7 - 10pm
OPENING HOURS Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 5pm

110 North Akard Street/ Dallas, Texas 75210


GLUE (movie), London

In the photograph Gary Farrelly photograph by oisin Byrne,  screen shot from the collaborative film project Glue.
In the photograph Violet Ogden photograph by oisin Byrne,  screen shot from the collaborative film project Glue.

Glue is a collaborative film project being undertaken by myself and Oisin Byrne. It is a much longer and more ambitious undertaking then the Radical Science film collaborations which proceed it  The writing and recording of the film is already well underway and is being generated incrementally in various locations (London, Brussels, Rhodes and Pickering Forest). The film explores the radical logic that underpins absurd belief systems and their seductive manifestation in everyday life. The project is ongoing.




A selection of postal works on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Republika Srpska (2013).

I have been dispatching a series of advanced Mail Artworks to MSURSThe Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska since January 2013. The correspondence artworks have been departing my studio at monthly intervals without envelope. I unilaterally instigated the process and the initial dispatches were not solicited by MSURS. As the content accumulated in Republika Srpska the curatorial staff at the museum have become active collaborators in the process: documenting and archiving every piece upon arrival.

In February 2014 a selection the of works were shown as part of a major group exhibition at the museum entitled Iz/usetnosti (which translates as Extraordinaries). Since mid 2014 the collection has been part of the permanent public collection the museum.

Gary Farrelly, dispatch 2016084 (2016), MSURS, Republika Srpska.



Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

GOING POSTAL - an exhibition of diverse postal art production, processes and materials. Including works by: 

Michael Corris
Gary Farrelly
John Pomara
Sam Schonzeit

Opening Reception 7-10 pm Friday August 16
Art Talk / Pot Luck 7-9 pm Sunday August 18 
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 12-6 pm and by appointment
The show will close on September 14

RE gallery 
1717 Gould Street 
Dallas tx 75215 

The series of postcards by Michael Corris are all adaptations of prior bodies of work made during
the 1980s. As postcards, they intend to exploit a more public model for making and disseminating of art. While they index other projects that were originally exhibited in the form of typographic book works, commissioned political posters, or informational materials related to activist campaigns, they also stand on their own as tokens of another kind of exchange.

Gary Farrelly’s works are mailed without envelope in the standard post, thus exposed to 
bureaucratic and procedural alteration / molestation. Whole exhibitions are incrementally transmitted in this manner. Large works are disassembled into or created as constituent parts for unitary dispatch. Farrelly has been sending the works to RE gallery since early 2013 from his home base of Pickering Forest, Ireland. Several works are also collaborations with Sam Schonzeit where they mailed works back and forth, altering each others along the way. Gary's work is courtesy of Ro2 Art.

John Pomara’s ready made mailer paintings are not really paintings but studies in color for a' larger painting series titled “96 Tears”. The mailer bar codes were similar in composition to the larger paintings pixelated stencils. By precisely utilizing the mailers as dip sticks, Pomara was offered visual solutions on a smaller less invested scale before taking on the larger sized works. Part happy accident, part rigorous study, these reused mailer paintings are quirky small works that hover between abstraction and the everyday. John's work is courtesy of Barry Whistler Gallery.

Sam Schonzeit’s works include a mail art subscription program where he enlists patrons to receive an original postal art work through the mail each month. This program was in particular response to the fact that Sam did not have a gallery to show his work at the time. Therefore he created his own art production, distribution and income system through the postal service. A small catalog documenting the history of his mail art subscription program was also produced for the Going Postal show. Sam also creates small abstract mask and spray paintings made in the size of postcards. These small works on paper are sold in select places, and while they may be used as postcards to be mailed, they are also beautiful little gems to be individually collected. 

                                                                     Gary Farrelly, dispatch 2013110 (2013)



Terminal Compositions
November 9 - December 8, 2012

110 North Akard Street/ Dallas, Texas 75210/ (214) 803-9575

Friday, November 9, 7 - 10pm

Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 5pm

Gary Farrelly, Leigh Bowery International Airport (2012), mixed media on board,  115cm x 80cm, RO2 Art, Dallas.

I would like to thank Marina Guinness, Oisin Byrne, Lindsey and Patrick Collins, Violet Ogden, Camilla Monroe and RO2 Art for their generosity, support and assistance at all stages in the execution of this project. It is sincerely and profoundly appreciated.